Anonymous Legend of the Seeker sponsor steps forward to promote the show

May 8, 2010

An anonymous poster on the Renewal Warwagon Forum has stepped forward to tell fans that their company (which wishes to remain anonymous for now) is working on making a big advertising leap for Legend of the Seeker and the Save the Seeker campaign.

Essentially, the post details the plan the company intends to utilize for Legend of the Seeker promotion. The company product will have the Legend of the Seeker logo along with phrases such as “Save the Legend.” This sponsor will also hold 12 drawings for consumers to win Legend of the Seeker prizes. In addition to the product advertising, the sponsor will also print multiple full page advertisements in Entertainment Weekly, TV Guide, and People magazine. The plan is scheduled to go into action in late May or early June.

At the end of the post, the anonymous author states that “this is the first time our company has done anything like this” and encourages seeker fans to buy their product when the campaign enters full swing. I have copied the post below so that you can read it yourself or you can click on the Renewal Warwagon Forum link to read it.

“Since we have received approval from our corporate office the next step was to contact ABC/Disney directly and secure the rights to use the official Legend of the Seeker name/logo on our products and in the ads. We did this late Friday afternoon and should be hearing back from them next week.

We originally had two ideas on packaging. It was either making special Legend of the Seeker shrink-wrapping or special Legend of the Seeker stickers on the outside of our existing packaging. We chose the stickers since it is cheaper and can easily be applied to existing packaging.

The sticker is already designed and will vary in size depending on the product they are attached to. They will be clearly visible and catch the eye. They will have the Legend of the Seeker logo attached and below will read “Save the Legend” and “enter the contest/drawing at www.xxxx.com/seeker (just an example) for prizes, coupons, and more information.”

After we get the approval it will take a week or so to get everything in order. Then it will take about 2 more weeks to have our special Legend packaging appear on store shelves. This is because the retailers need to go through existing product in their warehouses and put in orders for additional product to sell. Then we will begin launching a massive nationwide campaign both on newsstands with magazines, in major retailers (Wal-mart, Target, grocery stores…..) with our products, on the internet, and in select movie theaters.

Magazine ads have already been designed. We have some talented graphic designers in our art department. This was part of the presentation that we had to show to get approval.

The magazines will be as follows:
Entertainment Weekly – 4 full page color ads, 1 each week
TV Guide – 4 full page ads, 1 each week
People magazine – 4 full color page ads, 1 each week

The ads will contain our company logos, Legend of the Seeker logos, website information and contest information. The ads in the first EW and People will contain a coupon. The next three will not have a coupon, but will again have our website listed to where you can go and register to be entered into our drawing and print coupons for our product.

We chose these magazines because they are mainstream, are some of the biggest in the entertainment industry, and have the most weekly subscribers.

We will also be running ads on major websites. The ads will feature various products along with the Legend of the Seeker logo.
-Clicking on the links will take you to our website where you can enter the drawings for Legend of the Seeker prizes
-You will also be able to print out a limited number of coupons for various products
-There will also be information about the show and who you can contact to help save the show

For our contest we will be having a drawing 3 times a week for one month. There will be 12 drawings in total. The prizes will be Legend of the Seeker season 1 DVD sets and The Sword of Truth book sets. No purchase is necessary to enter the drawing and buying our product does not increase your chance of winning

We are also making arrangements with AMC, Regal, and Marcus cinemas to buy ad space. The ads will be shown on the screens at movie theaters in the big cities before the movie starts. Film art has been designed with product, logo, and website information.

Also if you purchase $150 of our product during the 4 week period you can go on-line and print out a mail-in rebate form. Then you can send your receipts and UPC codes in and we will send a box set of Legend of the Seeker season 2 as soon as it’s available in the mail for free to the address you provide.

Ultimately the goal is to sell as much of our product as we can. We chose to link our name and product to something that people are passionate about it. In this case Legend of the Seeker. We believe it will help both parties out. Plus we believe it will make the consumer think twice about buying our product over a competitors.

This is the first time our company has done anything like this so regardless of the outcome please buy the products. It took a lot of persuasion to get everyone on board with this project and our company will be looking closely at the sales numbers, coupons redeemed, and how many hits we get on our website. At this time what I can tell you is that I work for a division of a much bigger company that has sponsored Legend of the Seeker episodes. As soon as everything is set in stone and ready to go all company information will be provided. We are looking at a late May or very early June release date for everything.”



  1. Wow. That is HUGE news, and totally the publicity we need. I wish to thank this company, whoever they are.

  2. Wow! That is amazing! I can’t wait to buy the product as I’m sure all the other LotS fans will! Thank you so much ‘anonymous sponsor’ for all your hard work, I will grovel at the feet of your company and support you for a long long time. We ‘Seeker’ fans owe you a big debt of gratitude!

  3. A rep for Terry Goodkind also came forward on the boards to say Goodkind was in full support of the campaign and asking for ideas of how they could help. Please post to direct fans there! 🙂 Thanks!!

  4. Wow!!! That’s truly fantastic!!! Some of the best news that we’ve heard yet!

  5. Woohoo! I’ll put my money where it needs to go!

  6. AWESOME. Just… awesome!!!

  7. I don’t have much spare cash, but I’ll so be buying whatever the promoter is selling. Even if it’s like sardines or squeeze bacon. I’m so there. Thanks sponsor!

  8. Count me in. I’ll be in line as soon as I know what the product is!

  9. It’s so nice to see fans so excited for a corporate sponsor to step in!

  10. This is wonderful news. Until this show come out, I was PURELY a sports enthusiast. This show is truly the only non-sports broadcast my t.v. shows. I have watched some heart breaking football games in my days, but the circulation of LotS being cancelled, is way more heart breaking than a football game. They play the games every year. I will literally spend a month’s salary on this “company’s” product, if it means that I might get to see some new episodes of Seeker.

  11. Hey guys, I have taken the advice of the author at this site and have printed out a few hundred flyers for our cause. It may not be much but Houston is a huge tv market and “someone” has to notice, right?

  12. No need to thank them, its win-win, they won’t do it if they don’t see the profitability in it but all kind of help are welcome!

  13. screw the seeker SAVE CARA!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. i just found your site–this is the best news i’ve heard all summer–been waiting on pins and needles wondering if my favorite show will return for a third season and beyond–you’re the angel we’ve been waiting for to save the seeker–hope i’m not too late to jump in and help purchase merchandise to help you out–please let me know what i can do to help save the seeker–thank you–thank you!!!!!

    • I’m afraid that turned out to be a hoax. Sorry.

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