What you can do to build Seeker viewership

May 7, 2010

Many fans are confusing the need to promote Legend of the Seeker with promoting the Save Our Seeker campaign. You cannot build viewership by making the show look weak and pathetic.

The show needs saving because a major distributor (Tribune Broadcasting) was in financial distress and made the business decision to seek less expensive programming that was a better match for the advertisers it was working with. We don’t need to make excuses for Seeker’s ratings. It performs well with a younger audience than Tribune is trying to match.

So here are a few things you can do to help build viewership. But please remember, the message is “WATCH Legend of the Seeker” — not “Save Our Seeker”. The “Save Our Seeker” message has done the job it needs to do (and it still has a role to play in this but it cannot be our flagship message any longer).

  • If you and your friends have Seeker costumes, wear them this weekend in public
  • If you can print up some flyers to promote the show, distribute them to bulletin boards in your community
  • If you can organize a viewing party at your school, church (some churches may not want to promote a fantasy TV show), community center, library, etc. then do so
  • If you have local radio talk shows where listeners can call in and raise new topics, try calling in

Wearing Costumes – This will work best if you have a small group of cosplayers working together. If you can get several groups to do it in different parts of your city, better. They don’t actually HAVE to be Seeker costumes. Just get fans out in force with placards to promote the show.

The message needs to be “WATCH LEGEND OF THE SEEKER AT [TIME] and [STATION]”. Don’t shoot yourselves in the foot by yelling out “Save Our Seeker”.

Distributing flyers – I am sure there are already plenty of one sheet scans around the Internet. If you can print these out to promote the show, then just go with them. Designing a custom flyer is cool, too, but resist the temptation to put “Save Our Seeker” on the flyer. Once you do that, people will be less likely to watch the show.

You can use catchy expressions like: “Legend of the Seeker – What’s going to happen next?” and “Legend of the Seeker is here – where are you?”

Viewing Parties – If you can do this in a public or semi-public venue, that works best. I realize school is wrapping up for the year but if you can persuade your school to let you do this, go for it. Churches can be funny. If you are active in a progressive church you may be able to work with its youth program to help promote the show. Christians should not have a problem with science fiction and fantasy. Unfortunately, many Christian organizations at better at practicing INtolerance than demonastrating God’s love. But give it your best shot if you think you have a chance.

There may be some science fiction conventions going on this weekend. Attend them and spread the word about when and where to watch the show.

Radio Talk Shows – You may not do the talk show thing but if you do, try it. And think about both online and offline talk shows. But before you call in, draw up a list of 3-5 points you want to make. DO NOT ASK PEOPLE TO SAVE THE SHOW.

Be prepared to handle tough questions. Someone will inevitably point out that the show is in trouble. Just make a brief statement that Tribune’s financial problems forced the company to seek less expensive advertising, and that cost the show a significant portion of the market. If people like the show, they should still watch it. It will be running at least through September.

The long shot in all this is that you may find yourself verbally attacked by mean people. If that happens, don’t let them draw you into an emotional argument. Just say, “Look, not everyone likes the show. But there are many people who may enjoy watching it. Let’s give them a chance to decide for themselves without being hostile toward anyone.”

If you still face hostility, ignore it — end the call, leave the vicinity, call the police if you feel threatened. Just don’t get into a long argument or a fight with some idiot who wants to shout you down.

ABC Studios and Disney may be able to keep the show going for another season or maybe not. But if we show them that the audience is there for the show, they’ll want to do something.


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