Seeker campaign ad on Variety home page

May 7, 2010

Save our Seeker ad goes live on Variety Website.

Variety home page shows the Save Our Seeker ad

Fans of 'Legend of the Seeker' raised enough money to purchase this ad from Variety.

True to their word, fans of Legend of the Seeker placed an advertisement in Variety, promoting the fans’ quest to find a new distribution channel for their show.

Despite some discouragement about the success of these campaigns (see my rebuttal here) Seeker fans are pressing forward with their campaign, including brainstorming ideas for helping grow the show’s audience.

ABC Studios and Disney have not yet formally announced cancellation of the show. That could mean they are trying to negotiate a new distribution deal or simply that they are doing paperwork with everyone involved with the production.


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  1. Awesome — hopefully we make a difference!!

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