Legend of the Seeker promo graphic

May 7, 2010

So you want to help build viewership for Legend of the Seeker? Here is a graphic you can print out and distribute around your local community.

Click on this image, print out the full-size version, and distribute it to help promote Legend of the Seeker to new viewers.
This is a fan-made promotional graphic for Legend of the Seeker.

You can find code to distribute this Legend of the Seeker graphic on your Website at Image Shack.

Special thanks to visionhale for the design.

ABC Studios and Disney, we’re here for you. Will you be there for us?



  1. […] out and distribute Legend of the Seeker promo flyers (you can find a second Legend of the Seeker promo flyer […]

  2. It is nice, although Richard looks a little pained.

    Here is our take on season two with lots of pics and possibly some wit if you are interested; liking the good and shedding light on what we went wrong with a sense of humor:


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