A rebuttal to Craig Engler’s bad advice to fans

May 7, 2010

If you have read this article from SyFy’s Craig Engler, you should read Why SyFy cannot keep its shows alive.

Craig’s advice to fans — to take responsibility for building a genre show’s audience share — just doesn’t work. SyFy struggles with genre shows itself — and part of the reason they struggle is their failure to engage with fans on a level that assures success.

ABC Studios and Disney, do you hear me talking? Reach out — engage. You can build an audience for Legend of the Seeker. But it won’t happen by magic, and certainly not if you just clap your hands and believe really hard. That only works in children’s stories and Robin Williams movies.



  1. Well I’m not sure what the exact advice was but we (fans) have bee here the whole time! Lack of PR & preemptions play such a major role. We’re left scrambling 2 ensure a Season 3 & beyond! We’re def united & ❤ our show enough 2 pay 4 an ad in Variety!! More constructive support is needed!! #SaveOurSeeker

  2. Like many other fans I suppose, i’m looking to see how support can be giving to keeping the Seeker alive.
    Although it’s repetitive, this show is the best production in a very long time, with the same potential as Stargate. I’m sure the TV people see it, but don’t have the balls to invest in it.
    How many people would be ready to watch it on-line if this was the only market for it ? Buying and episode to download is maybe one path to investigate.
    If the “big” TV channels that think they dominate the market can’t carry the Seeker, then let’s look for another means of distrubition. We only subscribe to these channels because they carry shows we like don’t we? So, if they stop doing that, then the natural result is not subrscibing to them…

  3. What a joke. Syfy airs wrestling to keep its ratings up and Craig Engler is handing out advice. The Seeker has better ratings then half the garbage that Syfy carries on its schedule. Engler knows that, he wanted the Seeker, but Syfy was too cheap to pay for it. Syfy needed the Seeker for its own ratings despite all of the propaganda coming from Engler. Syfy fails its programs in the Disney-ABC failed the Seeker – NO PUBLICITY…CHEAPNESS. I can’t take any of them seriously.

  4. Interested in seeing Series 3 on-line ? Go to this link and show your support.

  5. I’ve noticed Legend of the Seeker has managed to capture a lot of frustrated Stargate fans (myself included).

    Seeker’s ratings today are more or less what SG-1 and SGA scored for Syfy back in the good old days.

    SGU and even Galactica’s spin-off Caprica are failing miserably ratings-wise due to excessive focus on drama to the detriment of the sci-fi/fantasy elements one would expect to find in a genre show.

    It remains to be seen how Eureka and Warehouse 13 will perform for Syfy when they return later this year.

    • Your absolutely right! I was a huge SG-1 fan, and an even bigger fan of SGA. SGA was cancelled prematurely an than I turned to Legend of the Seeker which is an incredible show, and really the only one I look forward to watching every week. Many of the other shows on TV are a joke, focusing on the same genre theme over and over again.

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