News coverage of Seeker fan campaign increasing

May 6, 2010

I think halfbubble and Extremis (and undoubtedly others) are reaching out to the news media and bloggers to ask them to cover the Save Seeker campaign. As you can see from our Blogs and News about Save The Seeker page, at least one story has appeared every day this week.

Mike Ausiello linked to Save Our Seeker and a Live Journal blog but he still seems a little high-handed. Nonetheless, he wrote: “I will [write about the fan campaign] on one condition: You make at least a $50 donation to help the forgotten victims of the Gulf Coast catastrophe by clicking here. Every time I see a photo of a bird drenched in an oil slick, I die a little inside.”

Of course, as many Seeker fans on Twitter know, Bridget Regan is very concerned about the Gulf oil spill too. A $50 donation may be asking a lot of many fans but if you can make a donation, please do so in her name (make it a Mother Confessor Day donation). And then let ausielloscoop -at- ew -dot – com know about your donation in the name of the Mother Confessor.

Maybe that will help EW come ’round to a more reasonable attitude toward the fans’ love of the show.

ABC Studios and Disney, are you listening?



  1. This is a cool agreement for a good cause. Totally support this and I’m glad to give a little.

  2. The donations for the trade ads are closed right? Did they close on the dot, or is there any extra money? Perhaps it could be donated to this cause?

    • I don’t think they’ve closed the donations. I heard they were considering some other options, but I’ll try to find out.

      • http://twitter.com/saveourseeker tweeted this: “Donation totals updated over at SaveOurSeeker. Donation buttons removed for the time being! Such a generous fandom!”

  3. Thanks!

    • Just wanted to pass on another little tidbit: LJ post says we need $9,144 for two ads, and we raised $9,804 according to our .com so that’s a $660 dollar surplus. Not a small donation, if we decide to go that way with it. Maybe Ausiello could write about that when he fulfills his end of the bargain?

  4. Could it be that he means only one $50 donation? That’s what it sounds like to me after re-reading this. In which case, that should be easy…

    • Oh, I’m sure he has no idea of how large the fan base really is. So maybe he’s only thinking of 1 person donating $50. On the other hand, it’s a worthy cause.

  5. We could dedicate the donation to the Mother Confessor and to the Save Our Seeker cause and have Tri-State notify ABC Studios, EW, etc.


    Just a thought.

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