Fans posting POLITE comments on ABC Facebook page

May 6, 2010

UPDATE: The discussion was started by a fan. This is not an official ABC outreach to fans. Sorry for the confusion.

If you have not yet shared your thoughts about Legend of the Seeker on ABC’s Facebook page (you know they are milking this campaign for all the free publicity it’s worth), please do so.

Extremis posted this ABC Facebook page for fans to share their love of Legend of the Seeker and their desire to see a third season where ABC Studios personnel may see it.

Remember: We’re SUPPORTING ABC Studios and Disney in this campaign. They are not the enemy — they are the allies who need our help.

So rally the troops, muster the auxiliary forces, draw out the reserves, and move our army of Seeker fans over to that Facebook page to say something (but remember that Facebook may have reset your privacy settings — make sure you don’t share more information about yourself than you WANT shared).

ABC Studios and Disney, we’re coming! Do you hear the rumble or our thundering legions?



  1. The donations for the trade ads are closed right? Did they close on the dot, or is there any extra money? Perhaps it could be donated to this cause?

  2. Isn’t it time to stop worrying about Disney-ABC’s feelings? Are they worried about you? They just want you to go away to make their job easier. Get some piss and vinegar in your veins and let them know how you feel. We’re the customers, not their begging subjects. We hold the golden key…we don’t have to watch their shows. They need to know that. They need to know how serious we are about saving LOTS. Turn up the heat in the mail, pull people to a television station site for a demonstration, picket Disney-ABC….talk about getting press. Now we are talking about tactics that would scare them. Nice guys finish last.

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