Save Our Seeker ad campaign needs your vote NOW!

May 5, 2010

UPDATE: The ad has been designed and selected. You can check it out here. Thanks for your interest in saving our Seeker.

Voting has commenced on the available ad designs for Variety. Take a look at this page for more information. The ad team are hoping to get the ad published this Friday (May 7).

Sorry for the short notice but I am posting this immediately upon receiving a private message.

Have fun and may your choice for ad design be selected.

ABC Studios and Disney, are you listening?



  1. this show is great. u never know what to expect and there isn’t very many shows like it on television. so please reconcider and let the show go on. me and my friends get so excited every week to see the new episodes. every time a new tv series gets canceled it is like they always cancel the good shows and leave the bad ones to air. so please don’t cancel seeker, one of the best shows in the world. let the seeker save our world!!!!!!

  2. contact info
    General Mailing Address, Phone Number and Key Contact for ABC, Inc.:

    ABC, Inc.
    500 S. Buena Vista Street
    Burbank, CA 91521-4551

    Susan Sewell
    Vice President, ABC Media Relations
    Call the main number 818-460-7477 and ask to be connected

    Disney Contacts:

    Zenia Mucha (pronounced) zeen-yuh Moo-kuh
    Senior Vice President of Communications
    The Walt Disney Co.

    Contact Zenia to reach Robert (Bob) Iger, Stephen McPherson, David Westin and Anne Sweeney

    Anne Sweeney
    President, Disney-ABC Television Group
    47 W. 66th St.
    New York, NY 10023-6290

    Robert (Bob) A. Iger
    President and CEO, The Walt Disney Co.

    Stephen McPherson
    President, ABC Entertainment

    David Westin
    President, ABC News

  3. I love this show and could’nt beleive there is talk of canceleing had’nt been anything good like this show since the Hercules & Xena da which i missed sorely 😦

    But then Legend of the seeker hit the air and i am addicted and in love πŸ™‚ I whad been gearing my self for a Seeker convention etc ..but now ! OMG! Please renew the Seeker for season 3 and beyond!

    Loyal Fan!

  4. I must say that I’m extremely disappointed to hear that ABC studios is cancelling the “Seeker”. I only happened across the news today, as I’ve never been mush of a “Web Surfer”. To me, The “Seeker” is the “Very Best Series” to hit broadcasy television since I can scarcly remember. As a matter of absolute fact, I can say that it is the ONLY series on broadcast televion (i.e. ABC, CBS, NBC or Independent) that I’ve watched consistantly in the last 10 years. A majority of the shows offered up for our entertainment, I consider to be rubish and unworthy of even watching the commercials that support them. In my humble opinion, LEGEND OF THE SEEKER ranks up with BBC’s ROBIN HOOD, HBO’s TRUE BLOOD, and STARZ’s SPARTACUS – BLOOD AND SAND. It is truely a sad state of affairs when there are only
    6900+ of us that have heard of the shows pending cancellation and have been willing to step forward and be counted as being in banded opposition to its pending demise.

    • Hm. Well, it hasn’t been cancelled yet. And that is really the whole point of this blog. But your comments, I have no doubt, reflect the perception of many people. We’re working to broaden that perception.

      Welcome to the Save The Seeker community.

  5. Maybe we should start a Seeker convention or maybe crash Comic Con in July. Hopefuly it want take that long but just an idea.

  6. Please save The Legend of the Seeker. It is the my favorite show.

  7. legend of the seeker is my favorite show it is the only show I watch on TV which has great morals,true love,true friendship,romance,adventure,action,family values,magic & a lot of lessons to learn from in the show lessons that can be learned both by grownups & teens a like.the show also has humor in it & how they think of other people before they think of themselves good lessons for both grownups & teens.the show has the best actors & actresses like Craig Horner,Bruce Spence,Bridget Regan,& Tabrett Bethell.they are superb in their roles as mother confessor Cara the mord’sith the seeker Richard,& Zed the wizard.they make the show superb it is not a show like most junk on TV today & legend of the seeker is more than capable of going to a season 3 & probably even more seasons whoever picks it up it will be a good boost for them.whoever if they pick up the show for season 3 for legend of the seeker should keep Bridget Regan,Craig Horner,Bruce Spence,& Tabrett Bethell in the same roles because they are superb together on the show as well as the directors like Sam Raimi & Rob Tapert.it is worth picking up & going to a 3rd season & if it gets picked up it will more than likely go to season 4,5 & probably even more seasons.

  8. legend of the seeker is also a show that isn’t like most show that are junk on TV even the comedies are not as good as legend of the seeker.but us fans should keep fighting to get legend of the seeker to a 3rd season with Bridget Regan,Bruce Spence.Craig Horner,& Tabrett Bethell they are superb in the show legend of the seeker.please pick up legend of the seeker for a season 3 it is my favorite show on TV it is the only show I look forward to watching on TV so please pick it up & continue to a 3rd season with Bridget Regan,Bruce Spence,Craig Horner,& Tabrett Bethell they show is superb with these actors & actresses on the show legend of the seeker so have go to a season 3 please it is my favorite show on TV today

  9. Please email me letting me know the progress of our cause. I won’t give up till we are starting our third season of Legend of the Seeker, but I would like to know how close we are to getting it back

  10. Please email me letting me know the progress of our cause. I won’t give up till we are starting our third season of Legend of the Seeker, but I would like to know how close we are to getting it back.

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