Will your local affiliate carry a 3rd season of Legend of the Seeker?

May 4, 2010

I was inspired by a discussion at LegendoftheSeeker.org to start this 3rd season station list. KLSR in Eugene, OR apparently told a fan they would pick up the 3rd season of Legend of the Seeker if it were made available.

Can you provide information about other United States TV stations that have said they would carry the 3rd season? Have you asked? We can conduct a quick, simple poll. Ask any TV station in your local market if they would carry the show and then please either post a comment here or post a comment in that LOTS.org discussion. I’ll make sure we compile a growing list.

What you may not know is that television stations run syndicated television shows outside of the network timeslots. Many stations from all the major broadcast networks (CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox, CW) pick up syndicated shows on their own through sources like the Syndicated Network Television Association.

And, yes, they do (as of this writing) have a listing for Legend of the Seeker).

My idea is simple: if we can show ABC Studios that enough stations to cover the markets that Tribune managed are interested in picking up Legend of the Seeker, then we are halfway toward the finish line in making a business case for keeping the show in production.

And to anyone who may suggest that ABC may already be doing this kind of research, I don’t care. We should do what we can to assess the marketplace ourselves.

ABC Studios and Disney, if you are NOT doing this already, you should be. Are you listening?


What we need to see are:

Station Name/Call Letters
City and State
Network affiliation (if any)
Broadcasting company (if any)
YES or NO on their interest in a 3rd season.

You’re welcome to share your results here, or at the LOTS Forum, or SF-Fandom’s Seeker forum (Gmail and Hotmail users will have to contact the Xenite/SF-Fandom admins for help in registering).



  1. I contacted my local station last week and got a reply saying that it was “out of their hands”. The lady who emailed me back was actually a fan of the show and had even read all of the books except Confessor, so I’m not sure what to do now…

  2. I’m not asking fans to petition the stations to save the show — I’m asking fans to try to find out which stations would be willing to carry it.

    Many local television stations buy their own syndicated shows. I am asking people to contact ALL the stations in their markets — not just the stations that have been carrying the show so far.

  3. […] May 4, 2010 There seems to be some confusion over what I am asking fans to do (see this article). What we need to find out is how many local TV stations would be willing to pick up season 3 of […]

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