Urgent input sought for full-page Save the Seeker ad

May 4, 2010

UPDATE: The ad has been designed and selected. You can check it out here. Thanks for your interest in saving our Seeker.

Concering the Save The Seeker / Save Our Seeker campaign ad, halfabubble writes:

Now that funds are in place to purchase a magazine advert, a dedicated team has been working day and night around the clock (literally) to organize, collaborate and design the advert to completion. Two concepts are being discussed and edited to make them as effective as possible as we speak.

While we have these couple of designs in consideration, we’ve decided to open the offer to design the ad to the whole fandom, in case there are any graphic artists somewhere who didn’t volunteer initially but has a ~fantastic design idea and either has time to make it, or at least describe it.

Read the rest (and all the details) here.

ABC Studios and Disney, we’re on your side. Are you listening?

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