Fans share more tips on Mother Confessor Day cards

May 4, 2010

It appears that my sample formats may be too large for Mother Confessor Day postcards. So one fan says in this Mother Confessor Day discussion.

If you just print an image on card stock paper, you should mail it to ABC Studios like a greeting card, or else downsize the image to match postcard requirements.

You can read about United States Postal Service postcard and letter standards here.

Also, some international fans have pointed out that mail will take 2 or more weeks to reach ABC’s main office from their countries. If at all possible, I think overseas fans should try mailing cards to local branches of Disney (if they are available). Otherwise, make the effort and don’t worry about when the cards arrive.

ABC Studios and Disney, Legend of the Seeker fans are speaking to you. Are you listening?



  1. A Mother’s Day Card for (and with) the Mother Confessor to send to ABC

  2. sent my mother confessor’s day card out today

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