New Twitter Trending Campaign Proposed For May 7-9

May 3, 2010

Extremis is proposing that Seeker and Allison Mack fans work together again to bring our similar causes to Twitter’s Trending Topics board this Friday through Sunday.

Here is a snippet from her post in the forum:

Seeker fans would help to trend #AllisonMack on

Friday, May 7th/2010, at 8PM Eastern Time
Friday, May 7th/2010, at 11PM Eastern Time

(to coincide with new ‘Smallville’ eppy air times in New York & LA )
***I need to verify these times with my buddy, as I’m not sure if she meant those eXact times, or an hour before***

In Return, the Allison Mack fans would help Us to trend on:

Saturday, May 8th at 12Noon Eastern Time
Sunday, May 9th at 12Noon Eastern
(along with a link to the http://www.saveourseeker.com site )
–To coincide with the Happy Mother Confessor’s Day Card Campaign idea by SisterGineva

And I have added a new tag to this article for WordPress fans to share: “Mother Confessor Day”.

ABC Studios and Disney, are you listening?

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