Mother Confessor Day Twitter background

May 3, 2010

Twitter user DianaP0 has uploaded a Mother Confessor Day background people are free to adapt for their Twitter accounts.

I’m not very artistic (and my graphics software is primitive compared to what is available today) so I took her up on her generosity. Here are screen caps of the two Twitter accounts that Xenite.Org and SF-Fandom operate.

SF-Fandom's Mother Confessor Day Twitter Background

SF-Fandom has adopted this background for its Twitter account to observe Mother Confessor Day, May 9.

Xenite.Org's Twitter background to honor Mother Confessor Day, May 9

Xenite.Org has adopted this background to honor the Mother Confessor Day Save The Seeker campaign.

ABC Studios and Disney are considering cancelling Legend of the Seeker due to lack of a distribution channel in major American markets. Seeker fans are mounting an aggressive campaign to persuade Disney/ABC and various broadcasting companies to find a way to keep the show going.

ABC Studios and Disney, the fans are here for you. Are you listening?


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  1. I’ve made some more backgrounds: check my twitter! 😉

    Feel free to use them, however I’d prefer if you don’t “modify”/”addapt” them. Thanks for showing it here, tho! 😀


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