Legend of the Seeker Facebook site has 85,000+ fans

May 3, 2010

UPDATE: As of January 2012, the Facebook page is showing over 400,000 LIKEs.

If I understand this number correctly, the Legend of the Seeker Facebook page has over 85,000 fans as I write this.

Fan count on Legend of the Seeker's Facebook page, May 2, 2010

Fan count on Legend of the Seeker's Facebook page, May 2, 2010, was over 85,000.

I don’t normally do Facebook but my friends have invited me to connect with them so many times I reluctantly set up a Facebook account last year. So I’ve added the LOTS page to my Likes to help promote the show.

If you have a Facebook account and you don’t mind being counted, you could add yourself to the fans count.

NOTE: Facebook has recently been criticized for making private user information available to application developers, so if you sign up for any of the functions Facebook users will flood you with, you may be sharing sensitive private information about yourself.

I don’t join any of those farms, towns, villas, or whatever (many of which cost money anyway).

Make an informed decision about what you do on Facebook. Read their terms of service carefully.

ABC Studios and Disney, are you listening?


  1. It has! So are they aware of the situation? I don’t think so looking at the petition… but we can’t contact the one who’s in charge of the FB page? Is there a way? I suppose it’s someone at ABC but who? It would be such a good help to add a link on the front page with saveourseeker.com ? If anyone knows who we could contact, that would be a good thing!
    Let’s go on our mission 😉

  2. Love this show

  3. I really love the show

    • Everybody does 🙂

  4. Hey everyone of this beautiful and incredibly faithful fandom. Just joined (because I’ve just discovered the show and have “swallowed” 44 ep in a row). Naturally, I loved it (otherwise I won’t be here seeking for info, right ?)

    What you are doing to save the seeker is huge. But we are in 2012 now so I’m just wondering if there’s still the slightest chance to have a 3rd season ?

    I’m joining the movement anyway *still hoping*

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