False reports of Seeker cancellation coming from KTLA

May 3, 2010

If you see any message, article, or other content that replicates the following message, IGNORE IT. This comes from an erroneous statement published by KTLA on their Website last week — most likely based on the Mike Ausiello report in Entertainment Weekly.

TLA does not produce the show so we have no control over whether it gets renewed or cancelled.

Disney-ABC announced on Monday 4/26 that they will no longer produce the show so there will be no third season.

They appear to be reacting to fan requests to keep the show. Although you should NOT abuse them, it would be okay if fans POLITELY inform them that their information is not reliable and to request that they change or remove the erroneous statement from their Website.

Even if ABC releases an announcement about the cancellation of the show, KTLA’s Website is not stating a fact.

Other Websites have also been picking up the Ausiello article (crediting it) as an “official” declaration by ABC that Legend of the Seeker has been cancelled. This kind of sloppy journalism is probably to be expected (the news media make mistakes just like everyone else) but these sites should be willing to print corrections (if they want to retain their credibility as reliable sources of information).

ABC Studios and Disney, there are people speaking on your behalf. Are you listening? Isn’t it time to end the rumors and just make a commitment to producing a third season?



  1. I dk why @KTLA would continue 2 put out false info re the “canx” of Legend of the Seeker? I am one of millions who <3s the show & waits on bated breath 4 news! Pls.stop the false reporting Now! #SaveourSeeker

  2. stop false reporting. that’s awful. people shouldn’t play with us like that.
    I still believe and I will until a final statement is done. til then I have hope!

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