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May 3, 2010

If you have a Legend of the Seeker fan site you can show your support for the show by creating an affiliate store through Amazon.com’s program. Now, let me tell you a long-time Amazon affiliate, you’re not likely to make much money off the sales. You’ll have to draw in tens of thousands of visits per day to generate any significant sales and that’s not easy.

Nonetheless, Amazon makes it simple for you to create an entire themed online store. All you have to do is sign up for the Amazon Affiliate Program.

You’ll have to make arrangements for how you want to be paid but if you have a bank account they do a a direct debit for you (I prefer that method myself).

Once you’ve got your personal account information set up, click on the blue “aStore” tab in the top menu. When you add a store to your account you’ll have the opportunity to give it a custom name, modify its appearance, and pick the products that are included in it.

As an example, for the Xenite.Org Legend of the Seeker Store I searched on products in all categories for “Legend of the Seeker” (I included the quotes to create what is called an “Exact Match Query” in search parlance). Then I added everything.

Amazon makes it easy for you to see all the product links people click on and you can also perdiodically check your store to remove dead links through a tool they provide (I do this less often than I should).

I have found product links for a 2010 Wall Calendar (not yet available so it may never be published), the 1st and 2nd season DvDs, posters, and at least 1 downloadable song (an MP3 for 99 cents).

Be sure to familiarize yourself with Amazon’s rules. Probably the most important one is that they don’t want you to use your own affiliate links to order merchandise. People have reportedly been thrown out of the program for doing that. But you and your friends can use each others’ stores to order merchandise and help each other earn a little money. You do have tor each a minimum account balance before they’ll pay you (sorry).

The aStores can be included on your own Website in HTML iframes but your Web hosting service has to let you use them. I don’t believe WordPress.com allows iframes. However, you can still link to your aStore on Amazon’s own site. For example, here is Xenite.Org’s Legend of the Seeker aStore on Amazon.

You can create multiple aStores. You can also list individual products on your Web pages. For example, I added product links to Xenite’s Legend of the Seeker fan site for the 1st and 2nd season DvD sales. If you don’t want to

By helping to sell Legend of the Seeker merchandise, you can show Disney and ABC Studios there is still money to be made from the LOTS brand.

ABC Studios and Disney, are you listening? We’re here. Where are you?


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