8am ET Twitter Takeover is a success! & More press notice

May 1, 2010

The fans were successful this morning in trending #SaveourSeeker for about an hour and half Worldwide.

Hopefully the twitter takeover scheduled for this afternoon at 12noon ET (trending #LegendoftheSeeker) will be just as successful. You can check out this link for trending strategy.

The Legend of the Seeker fandom is also seeing some more notice from blogs and even CNN. I am sure the fans are thankful for all the publicity their campaign is getting so make you sure you stop by these places and thank them for supporting our efforts.

“There can be powerful magic in acts of desperation.” – Zeddicus Zul Zorandor

ABC Studios and Disney, are you listening to this? Fans are fired up!



  1. We trended up to #6. and I think got .27% of the trending, AM topped out at .25% last night! SO WTG GUYS!! lets save our seeker!

  2. We need to let companies know about our Twitter takeover, so they realize just what they’re getting if they pick up Legend of the Seeker!

    • This is a true story. If the companies don’t know we are getting Legend of the Seeker so much publicity then our efforts will be only for our own satisfaction. Maybe we can talk about our successful twitter takeover’s in letters, e-mails and tweets to them.

      • That sounds like a good idea. Who do you think we should we be targeting?

  3. Who should be targeting with emails or letters about the Twitter trends? Any ideas?

    • I would suggest the same people we have been targeting. ABC/Disney for sure. Maybe WGN/Tribune to see if we can convince them to keep it. Maybe we could get SyFy to change their minds…and of course online magazines and blogs.

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