TV Squad’s Bob Sassone fails to research Seeker campaign

April 30, 2010

In an article I will not link to (and which I ask Seeker fans to not link to or comment on), TV Squad writer Bob Sassone says:

Of course, fans may rally around the show and get a petition started, but for now, it looks like it may be a waste of time.

Clearly, this guy has no clue as to what is going on. He is just regurgitating the rumors being spread by Entertainment Weekly without checking to see whether a fan campaign is underway.

Now, he does go on to say:

Still, it couldn’t hurt, as past campaigns have worked wonders on shows like CBS’ ‘Jericho’ and NBC’s ‘Chuck’; and as we reported today, ‘Chuck’ fans are already planning to launch yet another campaign to get the show renewed for another seasons. During an interview with Shaun Daily over at BlogTalkRadio (he spearheaded the ‘Jericho’ campaign), he and I and a caller talked about fans sending little plastic swords to save the show, so that’s one option.

So here’s the thing: we could (and probably should) POLITELY contact him and make him aware of the Save The Seeker campaign. His Twitter account is http://twitter.com/sassone.

If he writes a more informed article (even a negative one), then it would be okay to mention it. We can use the carrot-and-stick approach with bloggers and media people who don’t take this campaign seriously.

Good bloggers/journalists get lots of thanks and links.

Bad bloggers/journalists get ignored.

Seems fair to me. We don’t need to drive up their page views if they’re not supporting the campaign.

ABC Studios and Disney, are you listening?



  1. You know, like some people said over the Seeker forum.. we’re fighting to ‘impress’ ABC, not the bloggers who post negatively about our campaign.

    I say: Keep calm and don’t worry. hehe

    Also, when the donating idea popped up on Livejournal, so did the little swords thingy.

  2. I wasn’t aware that people were circulating the little swords idea. It struck me as something that might be misinterpreted as a threat.

    I much prefer the Seeker postcard idea.

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