Sorry EW – Your rumor-mongering is cheap flame-bait

April 30, 2010

The Hollywood Insider at EW is trying to taunt the Legend of the Seeker community by calling us a “small” and “rabid” fanbase.

Ignore them. This is a cheap baiting tactic that many Websites use to draw people in to boost their advertising revenues.

Look, until there is an “OFFICIAL” announcement, all the taunting and speculative posts from idiotic writers trying to make a living DO NOT deserve your attention and passion.

Even if ABC Studios issues a press release saying that “Legend of the Seeker” is done, you can still ask for a movie or a mini-series.



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  2. Hello everyone,
    I saw that tweet last night after I tweeted EW asking 4 just asking them about “reporting the fandoms quest to get a S3”. I feel much better after reading this article. I didn’t understand how the foreign sales/cities interest had “dried up”. So,WHEW, I’ll breathe a little better.
    I’m actually a subsriber 2 their magazine & may NOT renew at the end of the year.
    Thank you.
    Monica P.

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