Seeker fans launch sneak takeover on Twitter

April 30, 2010

As I write this it is only just after 6:00 PM on April 30. And just moments ago Legend of the Seeker fans launched a Twitter Takeover.

What happened to May 1? I have no idea. I started seeing Tweets a couple of hours ago about an impending takeover. Either many of our fellow fans can read neither calendars nor clocks, or someone spread the word about a THIRD takeover attempt.

So, get thee to a Twittery and say something about #AlisonMack and #legendoftheseeker and I’m sorry if you missed out.

BTW — Twitter has been complaining a lot today about being overwhelmed.

Is that just me, or is all of us?

ABC Studios and Disney, are you listening to this?



  1. I believe instructions for all three tweet times are posted on this page below… That’s where I got them from…

  2. Hah, I tweeted too much and twitter told me I had to wait a few hours before I would be allowed to tweet again. Sigh. So much for a sneak attack.

  3. Yeah, I just don’t have time to keep up with all the details.

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