Seeker fans get creamed on first Twitter trend attempt

April 30, 2010

There were several problems with today’s impromptu Twitter Takeover for the “Save The Seeker” campaign.

FIRST, we were SUPPOSED to be supporting the #AllisonMack takeover. I only found that out as the trend campaign got underway so I started retweeting AllisonMack Tweets.

SECOND, I’m watching several of the top trends right now. They are each seeing multiples of Tweets for ours. The small ratio is about 3:1 (for ZodiacFacts). It does look like heavy ReTweeting is involved in the process, so despite all the advice that has been circulated here and elsewhere, it’s not clear to me what it takes.

So let’s regroup and think about this again, okay?



  1. The only think I can think that we are missing is more people tweeting. I think it takes several thousand people tweeting at one time to get a topic to trend – not just a massive amount of tweeting by a small group of people. Maybe we will see better results tomorrow.

  2. Yay! #AllisonMack is trending worldwide! Took like 1 hour.

  3. I am so excited that #AllisonMack finally started trending! Now that we have a better idea of how to trend a topic the twitter takeover tomorrow should be successful!

  4. Sure! Soon as I sign off to do some work you post this! LOL!

    I’m glad we were able to help!

  5. Not to worry – Team Allison will be helping us tomorrow… Obviously they know what they are doing, so thanks to them!

    I know you put a possible message out for people to use, I was wondering if we should add @ABC and @Disney to our trending tweets? I was thinking something like this –

    Please Renew for Season 3 @ABC @Disney are you listening?

    Just a thought, I’m a twitter novice…

  6. One other thing – “getting creamed” might be discouraging to some – there might be a less negative way to say that if you can still change it…

    Again, just a suggestion…

  7. I was trying to rally the troops. Sorry.

  8. i have never been on twitter so if someone could please help me out i would love to do my part to save our seeker!

    • In reply to Jason King:
      What do you need/want to know? First off you should sign up for an account. Then start tweeting about Legend of the Seeker! You can find seeker friends by searching in twitter with the phrase “#LegendoftheSeeker”, “#SaveourSeeker”, “#LOTS”, etc (without the quotation marks). Then you can follow people which allows their tweets to show up on your time line. When you are tweeting about Legend of the Seeker during the trending takeover times only use a hashtag phrase (such as #SaveourSeeker) once in your tweet otherwise it doesn’t count. Your twitter account also needs to be set on public or your tweets doing count for trending. Neither does a lone hashtag tweet. Feel free to tweet whatever you like – just remember to be polite and courteous especially towards LOTS sponsors.
      If you are going to be busy during the times the twitter takeover is occuring you can use twaitter.com to set up tweets to occur at that time. You can use twaitter with your newly acquired twitter account. Sign in to twaitter then go to menu section on the left side of the website that says “scheduled messages.” Then just set up messages to tweet while you are busy!

      Remember that we are using the #SaveourSeeker hashtag at 8AM Eastern Time on Saturday, May 1st and the #LegendOfTheSeeker hashtag at 12Noon Eastern Time on Saturday, May 1st. You can check back to an earlier post we wrote for more information about correct trending behaviors: https://savetheseeker.wordpress.com/2010/04/30/recap-of-saturday-may-1-twitter-takeover-for-the-seeker/

      Is there anything else you need help with? I am more than happy to answer your questions. You can follow me at http://twitter.com/Symbie.

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