Buy official Seeker merchandise to show your support

April 30, 2010

EDIT: Hey all, after some more research it has come to our attention that this is not official merchandise. Sorry for the mix up. Tried searching for official merchandise but having trouble finding it – anyone else have a clue?

Like many others I did not realize you could buy official Legend of the Seeker merchandise. Now, Xenite.Org does have a Legend of the Seeker store but that presently only lists books from Amazon.

I’ll try to get some more merchandise added later.

Meanwhile, you can also buy official Legend of the Seeker merchandise here.

If we want to save the Seeker, we’ll have to show the studio we get the money angle.

ABC Studios and Disney, are you listening?



  1. Who gets profits from this? Is it ABC? Cuz that’s who we need to be supporting…

  2. As far as I know, the profits go to the trademark owners. Presumably that include Disney/ABC and maybe Terry Goodkind.

  3. The cafepress website has a tshirt that says something about needing a season 3, so it’s probably a fan running the merch.

  4. thats not official merchandise. sad that a “fan” is taking advantage of this and making money.

  5. Though seriously awesome, this is not official merchandise at all. It may help spread the word, but Disney/ABC (or even Terry Goodkind) are probably not getting a dime from any of these.

  6. Okay, thanks for pointing that out. I’ve now added a story about how people CAN sell (and buy) REAL official merchandise through Amazon.

  7. Hi all, thought I’d help shed some light on this. First off, the Legend of the Seeker forums admins held a t-shirt design contest for LOtS before we heard about any possible cancellation. Part of the contest rules was you had to open a CafePress shop to enter and follow the strict rules about what you could and could not make. I know for a fact some of the designs you see on that page were made by fans from there (like mine).

    CafePress has “portals” for popular shows sometimes (like LOST, etc.) they then invite folks in the community to make designs for them. ABC has a deal with CafePress and approves each design (I don’t know if they get any money from it but I’m guessing they do). At any rate, ABC gets info on how many shirts are selling for each of their shows they have a portal for.

    Each designer also gets a small amount of money from a sale, we’re talking less than $3 for the most expensive item and something like .50 for some smaller ones.

    Anyway, someone mentioned they saw stuff on the page that mentioned Season 3 on it… that might’ve been my stuff. I made that before the Save Our Seeker page had gone up but just so you know I cleared it with Kate (halfabubble) that profits from my stuff would go to the ad campaign.

    No one has purchased any of those though but I still think just having it out there shows some support, I think for the most part folks who make Seeker stuff really are fans because if you weren’t you could make more money by selling other stuff (like Twilight or American Idol stuff or just your own non TV/Movie related designs).

    Anyway, it looks like my shirts are either not showing up in that page or are way buried so you can find them here: http://bit.ly/avaf7l

    • Thanks for explaining about the shirts.

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