Seeker Fans Scheduling May 1 Twitter Takeover

April 29, 2010

I missed where this idea was first proposed but here are some details. Seeker Fans are planning to let their collective voices be heard at 8 AM Eastern Standard Time on May 1. pamQ posted the following message in the Renewal WarWagon thread:

About the Twitter Takeover on May 1st 8AM EST…

For those who couldn’t send out a tweet on that day & time due to time zone issues & the like, there is another way.

There’s this legit tool called Twaitter that would allow users to send out scheduled tweets at a specified date and time! There’s no need to sign up because you could safely connect to it with your twitter account.

Here’s the site: http://www.twaitter.com/

So we could set it up at 8AM EST on Saturday, May 1st! What do you all think?

PS: Here’s how I set up mine:

PPS: Reminder to folks, use #SaveOurSeeker once or else your tweet would be considered spam. Other hashtags like #LegendOfTheSeeker or #LOTS etc are fine. Just use ’em once in a tweet.

You’ll have to look at the original post (click on the link I provided above) to see her graphic.



  1. Hey there Michael,
    Thanks for posting this. 🙂

    Fellow fans have been brainstorming about a twitter takeover in these posts at the Renewal Warwagon thread. 🙂 I originally found it announced at a Facebook thread, though.

    • Thanks for pointing out the links. I’m trying to keep up with way too many discussions right now.

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