Rumor: Supposed meeting to be held in New Zealand

April 29, 2010

I cannot confirm this as I don’t know who estrellangelica is, but earlier today she pointed people on Twitter to this page where she wrote:

#saveourseeker : I understand why Dayna said that, it’s all going to be decide tomorrow in NZ : “Unfortunately there are a lot of elements to make this unfortunate decision to cancel the show.
Tomorrow in New Zealand a final decision needs to be made due to the studios and lease.
I don’t believe in the next 24 hours anything done will impact the decision.”

Here are her original Tweets around the topic:

Heard about tomorrow,let’s hope they’ll take the right decision! Go NZ crew, fight for our show,we’ll be just behind you! šŸ˜‰ @Daynastunts
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#saveourseeker : I understand why Dayna said that, it’s all going to be decide tomorrow in NZ : “Unfortunately (cont) http://tl.gd/12j014
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-_- -_- Received an email from the inside of ABC-Disney . Let me tell you this ain’t good *depressed again*
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  1. OMG! DO NOT CANX THE SHOW! #LegendoftheSeeker is the best show on tv, hands down! Pls. reconsider. + have u ever heard of a fandom willing 2 split the costs w/the studio/network?

  2. […] dignity, and started lobbying ABC Studios and Disney to keep the show in production. According to a late-breaking rumor the campaign may be having an […]

  3. Monica: There is no official word yet if the show has been canceled or not. The fans are doing everything they can – I appreciate your zeal for the show. Maybe you can channel that into action?

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