Time to rumble with ABC for the Seeker …

April 28, 2010

Everyone says that Legend of the Seeker is over. It doesn’t have to be that way. Networks have listened to fans of popular shows in the past and brought them back.

Now is the time to let FANDOM’S voice be heard. We’re calling all Seeker fans to join the cause and let the Powers That Be know that there is an audience out here ready and waiting to support the show.

We’ll track your efforts to show your support right here!

Welcome to the Army of the Seeker, friends!



  1. I live in Amman, Jordan so i have no way to help improve the ratings for the upcoming episods; i have sent e-mails to Disney, ABC, and Syfy. i’m not sure what more i can do but i can’t accept that legend of the seeker is no more! i wanna do more just don’t know how 😦

  2. I’ve sent emails, letters, continue to use Twitter to spread the word And the links of where to do all of these things. Shouldn’t fans send swords or apples or something to Robert Iger. If he had tangible items in his hands it could really make a difference.

    • I don’t think sending swords to the CEO of Disney is a good idea. It could be misinterpreted as a threat. But maybe sending screen captures of the show’s opening credits would be okay.

  3. Stop worrying about Disney-ABC….are they worried about you? They just want you to go away to make their job easier. Get some piss and vinegar in your veins and let them know how you feel. We’re the customers, not their begging subjects. We hold the golden key…we don’t have to watch their shows. They need to know that. They need to know how serious we are about saving LOTS. Turn up the heat in the mail, pull people to a television station site for a demonstration, picket Disney-ABC….talk about getting press. Now we are talking about tactics that would scare them. Nice guys finish last.

  4. Anyone considered just trying for a one shot movie deal??

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