SyFy contact info if you want them to pick up the Seeker

April 28, 2010

SyFy has already passed on Legend of the Seeker but I suppose it cannot hurt to keep asking them to reconsider (be nice).

Extremis posted the following information at the LOTS.org forum.

(Syfy is owned by NBC/Universal)

Jeff Zucker
CEO of NBC/Universal
30 Rockefeller Plaza… See More
New York, NY

Telephone Numbers:
Corporate Phone: (212) 664-4444
Viewers Comments Line: 1-212-664-3571

Craig Engler, Senior Vice president & General manager
Syfy Channel
30 Rockefeller Plaza
21st Floor
New York, NY

Mr Engler’s name is on their SyFy Twitter: http://twitter.com/Syfy


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  1. I am petitioning/voting/begging for the Legend of the Seeker to be continued by any means necessary. My boyfriend and I watch it every week, and have now gotten my mother and our friends hooked!! Maybe it got a rough start, maybe there weren’t initially enough viewers, but please give this awesome show a chance to spread and shine!!

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