MediaElites miscalls Save The Seeker campaign

April 28, 2010

UPDATE: I mis-spelled their name. It’s Media Elites, not Media Lites. Sorry.

I don’t fault them for not knowing everything. However, in their Spring Season “Save Our Show” roundup, MediaeLites showed it had no clue about the Save The Seeker campaign.

Here is an excerpt from their article:

Legend of the Seeker
As a syndicated scripted series, a rarity in this day and age, the Legend of the Seeker fans have very little ammunition: pleading with a production company doesn’t have as much bite, as they don’t have the brand management and public relations concerns amongst the general public that networks do. People may have branded CBS as the network that killed Jericho in a negative light, but nobody is going to think ill of ABC Studios in the same way.

Campaign: There doesn’t appear to be much organization, and unlike other fan campaigns (like Chuck) there doesn’t appear to be much in terms of economic awareness of the situation at hand (which in the case of syndication is mighty complicated and, to their credit, perhaps too complicated to combat in a fan campaign).

Chance for Success: Nil – the show has been officially cancelled, and the one “network” who may have been its savior (SyFy) is on the record as having passed on the series after careful consideration.

Okay, folks, please go leave a POLITE comment on their blog and show them there IS a campaign and that we’re mobilizing.

Their information is outdated. Let’s just make sure they know the score.

I left a comment that was awaiting moderation as I write this. Add MediaLites to the sites where you need to show your support.

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