LOTS Sponsor supports Seeker campaign

April 28, 2010

A member at the LOTS.org forum using the screen name LOTS_Sponsor (yes, this person IS a sponsor of the show) wrote the following post to second the idea of taking out mainstream media advertising about the campaign:

I posted this in the other forum, but as stated above an advertisement is a great way to get A LOT of attention. Some additional magazines are EW and TV Guide. What is great about an advertisement is it opens the door to people who are not aware of the show and have never watched it and at the same time raises awareness of Seeker fans who don’t know the show has been canceled which in return helps the cause.

I would be willing to bet (this is just an example) that of the 2 million viewers on average weekly in the US only about half know the show has been canceled. Remember there may be a lot of people posting in these forums and on other websites, but that is only a small portion of viewers. A lot of people when they watch the season finale which I believe it was still being advertised as season finale as of last week (unless they change it to series finale) will turn their tv sets on months from now wondering where Season 3 is. Then go online and do research only to find out that the show had been axed. These are also the people that need to be reached.


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  1. I’m in total agreement. It shows terrible judgment of viewers that a wonderful show like Seeker may be axed, while garbage like American Idol and World’s Biggest Loser gets renewed season after season.

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