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April 28, 2010

Tropins Blog asks an interesting question:

If the show is so popular, then why was it cancelled? Tribune’s machinations may explain part of the problem but it could also be that Hulu and iTunes played a part in the Seeker’s failure to complete his quest. Is it time for ABC to launch a direct-to-Internet channel? Maybe that is a suggestion that the Seeker fans should put forward. It could help ABC save face and maybe spark a revolution in television programming that some feel is inevitable anyway.

So, what do you think, Seeker fans? Should we be asking ABC to consider distributing the show on the Internet. I know I’ve watched many episodes at Hulu this season. My schedule just didn’t permit otherwise.

It was largely because of Legend of the Seeker that I was giving serious consideration to paying Hulu $10 a month for their new subscription service. Now I guess I don’t have a reason to pay Hulu.

And Tweeter allstarsonline has asked Mike Ausiello to cover the online protest. That would be cool but don’t hold your breath.

Good luck.



  1. Hey! Anything that keeps the show on the air, via ANY channel (meaning means) is what I want. I will pay 2 see the show, that’s how much I ❤ Legend of the Seeker.
    Hulu pls. consider this suggestion because it comes from millions of ppl!!!
    Thank you!

  2. Thx for mentioning me in your article. I’m keeping my fingers cross!! Ausiello might actually listen to us if we all bring the fight to them and tell them how much we love the show and we give up hope. He might cover our campaign for #LegendOfTheSeeker!! Anyways, I’m keeping the hope alive by tweeting and emailing and posting on FB…
    Do the same!! 🙂

  3. Keep ’em coming! Keep ’em coming!

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