Another Save The Seeker video promotes contact info

April 28, 2010

Fans are getting very creative with their SOS videos. Keep ’em coming!

YouTube user veronicdny uploaded the following video which promotes email addresses and other information fans can use to contact people at Disney and ABC.


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  1. I absolutely ❤ Veronica 4 making this vid 2 spread the word what we can do 2, 1. Get our point across about the crappy preemptions and outright non-airing of the show by Tribune. 2. We're EXTREMELY dedicated 2 getting #Seeker renewed 4 Season 3 and 3. It's a fantastic show. I implore the "powers that be" 2 reconsider cancellation. The show has a huge fan following!
    Legend of the Seeker is the best show on tv! #Saveourseeker

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