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April 28, 2010

Please use this form only once. The server may be blocked for spam if people send email over and over again. That won’t help.

Save Disney Shows

According to a post in the LOTS.Org Seeker forum, you’ll be sending messages to these people:

Disney Channel Member Services
Disney Channel Guest Services
Disney Help Line
Robert Iger – CEO
Carolina Lightcap – President of Disney Channel Worldwide
Sean Cocchia – VP/Business Development, Disney Channel Worldwide
Gary Marsh – Disney Channel Worldwide President of Entertainment
Sarah Shelton – Assistant to Gary Marsh
Scott Garner – SVP/Programming, Disney Channel
Gail Ryan – Assistant to Scott Garner (DC Programing Department)
Karen Myer – Assistant to Scott Garner (DC Programing Department)
Meredith Metz – Senior Vice President, Creative Affairs, Walt Disney Television Animation
Lisa Salamone – The Head of Animation Production, Disney Channel
Joanna Spak – The Head of Finance, Planning, etc., Disney Channel
Mark Kenchelian – The Head of Business and Legal Affairs, Disney Channel
Jewell Engstrom – CFO and Executive VP for Disney-ABC Cable Group
Olivia Stafford – Assistant to Jewell Engstrom
Albert Cheng – EVP/Digital Media, Disney-ABC Television Group
Karen Hobson – Digital Media Communications Office, Disney-ABC Television Group
George Bodenheimer – Co-Chairman Media Networks Group
Nicole Nichols – Senior VP of Entertainment Communications, Disney-ABC Television Group
Aime Wolfe – Assistant to Nicole Nichols
Patti McTeague – VP of Kids Communications
Paul Lee – ABC Family Channel
Alex Wallau – President of Network Operations & Administration
Mike Shaw – ABC Sales and Marketing President
Fred Kuperberg – Disney/ABC Executive VP of Business and Legal Affairs
Kara Rousseau – VP of Ad Sales Marketing for Disney/ABC Kids Networks
Tricia Dunn – Assistant to Kara Rousseau
Kim Harbin – Buena Vista Media Relations
Anne Gates – Disney Consumer Products Executive VP & CFO
Jim Fielding – Senior VP, Retail Sales and Marketing for DCP
Graham Hopper – Senior VP and General Manager of Buena Vista Games
Angela Emery – Director of Public Relations, Buena Vista Games
Eric Maehara – VP Worldwide Communications, Buena Vista
Robert Chapek – President, Buena Vista
Judy Estrin – Board of Directors
John Bryson – Board of Directors
Monica Lozano – Board of Directors
John Chen – Board of Directors
Thomas Staggs – CFO/Senior V.P.
David K. Thompson – Senior Vice President
Nikki Reed – VP of Original Series for Disney Channel

PLEASE be polite. Don’t threaten or harangue them. Just ask them to save the Seeker.



  1. Hello,
    I am begging you not to cancel Legend of the Seeker! I don’t think there is any way to survive without it… my life cannot be complete ever again if you take the possibility away from me to watch the best tv show of all time…
    Please have mercy and think of the fans who also feel this way about Legend of the Seeker…
    Best wishes,


  2. Please ABC, don’t take LotS away from us! This is the only good fantasy show on television, and it would be desastrous if you canceled it. Me and my friends are all great fans! Fantasy is a disadvantaged genre anyhow, and if you cancel this series, then millions of people who love fantasy and – more importantly Legend of the Seeker – will be grievously disappointed!
    Please reconsider your decision.





  4. 6/12/10
    Dear ABc Executives:

    My name is Tonya and I am a very, very, very busy school teacher in Maryland.

    I have just learned that ABC Disney will be “pulling the plug” on the Soapnet channel just to replace it with yet another educational channel for children.

    It’s a darn shame that you all are getting rid of the Soap Net channel. I am very very very busy every day on my job and I really relied on the Soap Net station every night so that I could watch my favorite soap, One Life to Live.

    As a matter of fact, all my family members and friends knew not to call me on the phone each night, Monday through Friday at 9:00 PM (especially Friday because it’s allways “Cliff hanger Friday)because that’s when I always watch the daily episode of One Life to Live.

    If you all get rid of the Soap Net channel, busy people like myself are not “gonna” have time to watch their favorite soap each day online.

    Besides I like the fact that I can sit in my nice comfy living room and watch my favorite soap, One Life to Live each evening.

    OOOh this news just burns me up:(
    I’m sure a lot of other fans are just as hurt to hear this news as I am.

    Getting rid of the ONE AND ONLY soap channel on cable in order to replace it with yet another educational station.

    Come on, Disney Executives how DUMB is that.

    Create a new educational station if you like, but don’t get rid of the ONE AND ONLY soap channel on cable just for yet another educational station with your name on it.

    Come on now. Do the right thing and keep the Soap Net station just as it is. Please Please Please.


    “One hurt and upset SoapNet Soap Fan”


    It’s the only show worth watching anymore. It’s a nice change from all the vampire dramas that is being forced down our throats.
    Give the fans what they want, what we need and please don’t cancel the best tv show ever!!

    There was a reason you bought the rights to it, now support it and give us season 3 and more!!

    Kind Regards

  6. I’ve just seen the last episode of season two and I’ve fallen for this show. Please bring Legend of the Seeker back and give the fan’s what we want.

    I’ve been looking around online and there are many people all over the world who are very disapointed that a third season has not started. With good promotion, such as better advertising, press, and time slot I think this show can get the ratings the network wants.

    We love this show, please bring it back.

  7. My family is very disappointed to find out that Legend of the Seeker is not being renewed. We own both seasons on DVD. It is great fun to watch an action/fantasy show and I personally love the beautiful scenery. There is so little on television today that the entire family can enjoy. Disney is OUT OF TOUCH with their audience with this decision. Please, bring back Legend of the Seeker.


  8. I discovered The Seeker only a couple of months ago, and love it!! This show just needs a better time slot to take off!! I am sure that NBC regrets VERY much that they canceled the original Star Trek after only 3 seasons. Please do not make the same mistake. This show contains positive male role models and strong female characters, besides the beautiful scenery, costumes, action, and magic. Please give us a Season 3.

  9. I think the series does not have a large number of audience for lack of advertising, at least here in Spain. I think the second season comes to an end not very desirable and should have a third season.

  10. Dear Disney/ABC Producers,
    I recently viewed the last Hannah Montana episode on Disney Channel and thought it was fantastic. Miley and Lilly end up going to Stanford together; however I was wondering if you ever thought of doing one last Hannah Montana episode. Picture this, everyone has seen the last Hannah Montana forever episode. They are expecting that it is over and done with completely. They then see a new commercial for a new Hannah Montana episode. Instead of her being young, such as 18 , it is like a 30 years later episode showing how her life is then. This is just a suggestion, but I would appreciate it if you would consider this thoroughly.
    Trent L. Taylor

  11. Please feature Adam Lambert on many of your shows. HIs closing act for AMA followed risque performances by Rhianna and GaGa. He felt he had to go further as his was to be the show stopper. He is kind, loving, funny, generous, encourages fans to give to charities, a terrific interview because he is so witty and articulate. Most importantly, his voice is extraordinary, one that has lifted hearts, spirits, and has actually saved the lives of some fans.
    Chris Brown beat tiny Rhianna with his fists and bit her, he broke a window over Times Square that could have caused injury to many. It’s unfair that he is being offered opportunities to perform that were refused to Adam. The justice of these varying decisions is being questioned as you know. Please do the right thing.

  12. Dear Mr. Iger,
    I am a 63 year old wife, Mom, retired teacher of 37 years and an avid TV addict.It is my greatest pleasure watching television.
    I accept series finales such as “Lost” and Brothers and Sisters as such is the nature of the Beast.I could not wait to retire to stay home and watch my soaps. I tape and watch. Two left from CBS but I still had ABC.
    Now they are being killed off and I am losing a part of my heart and Family. Look to the success of Modern Family…the WRITERS and cast…and you’ll see why the writers should leave..not your shows that have such loyal fans. Yes I tape “The View” but that is so I can fast forward Joy. I only respect Ms. Walters and Elizabeth. I could not stomach another Talk Show unless Oprah is staying. I will boycott ABC and its sponsors. Your lack of judgment in caring about your loyal fans will allow me to do the same. I am not alone in this. Now I understand why you’re canceling Soapnet
    It is not necessary without soaps. I am very disappointed in your choices. I adore Disney World but not your ABC Channel. If Walt Disney did not
    cherish his fan’s desires and get creative..would Disney World be such a success right now? Comics need good material and so do shows. If you feel OLTL and AMC are low in ratings..get back to basics and rehire writers from successful years and keep your devoted fans watching ABC. As CEO, you should play Donald Trump and say “You’re Fired”
    to The President of ABC Daytime..Mr Frons.Thank you
    for your time.

  13. I am writing to ask you to look into the decision to cancel All my Children and One Life to Live on ABC. We have been enjoying these shows for years. I am a member of your movie club and frequently shop at your store in the Parks Mall in Arlington, TX. I do not want to stop these but I will as will many other people. Thank you for your time.

  14. ABC Excecutives — WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?????? How can you possibly replace a tried and true soap, “All My Children” with another food show? I’ve been watching AMC for 40 years and days when I’m not home to watch it, I record it to watch later. If you think your ratings are low for the soap, just wait and see what happens when you put another food show and another medical show in the afternoon time slot. I know there are other BIG FANS of the show who won’t be turning on ABC TV from 1 to 3 PM. Thanks for not considering the faithful fans that have watched the show for years. How could uproot the cast to move to California and then turn around and boot them out of their jobs. I’m very disappointed in your judgement and my judgement is to start watching other channels. I watched ABC practically from morning to night. I watch Good Morning America, Regis and Kelly, Dr. Oz, The View, All My Children, Oprah, Dancing with the Stars and others. Not any more.

  15. Don’t cancel “All My Children” and “One Life to Live” as they are about the only shows I do watch now as most TV is just plain boring. I hardly turn on the TV now except to watch my soaps and watch CNN to keep updated on the news. The soaps are by far the best written material, top actresses and actors. If they are taken off then there is no reason to ever turn on ABC at all. I do like Dancing with the Stars but I will never watch that again either if these quality programs are taken off and replaced with another reality or god forbid another food show (which I don’t watch now and will not watch in the future). hope you will reconsider cancelling these shows as they are about the only ones on your network that are worth watching.

  16. I don’t know who your programming person is but they are so out of touch with what the viewers want to see,that they must be living on another planet. the lineup for the fall is hideous! I could do better in my sleep.Have they try watching all the new and returning show on networks like (USA,TNT,and SYFY). to name a few. their viewership is growing as yours is declining. I could do better with your network in my sleep and in two years have viewership upl. this Pan am show you are putting on in the fall it is not going to do well. everyone I have spoken to has said what in the world are you thinking? you used to have good programing the stink bomb you have been throwing out lately I mean really, come on you have to do better. that’s all. I will be happy to talk to you if want some help. either way good luck.

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